Event Games (ideas)

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Event Games (ideas)

Post by .Sai on Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:43 pm

Disclaimer: Sorry if I do not explain these very well. So if i need to clarify please ask

Mass Poring Fest:
Spawn huge amounts of poring, which one of them has the event ticket. Everyone is in a free for all to try and find the poring containing the ticket. (preferably in a smaller map so porings do now spread out too much and restrictions are that you cannot use AoE skills.) Skills from cards are allowed though.

Poring Race:

everyone is turned into a specific poring type. and we race Very Happy

Plant, Hide and Seek
GM's are to spawn several plants spread out. then use the @hide command and stand next to a plant. Players participating will then pick one plant to stand next to and once everyone picks a plant they should sit down. If someone is sitting on the plant that the GM is hiding by they win. Repeat until someone guesses the right plant. (spawn about 1.5x more plants than players)

Dice Gambling:

Somewhat like dealer black jack. Everyone playing is against the Dealer (GM). All players have 5 points in the start. The person with the most points in the end wins.
-Ways that points are rewarded or deducted is by how many players bet. If they get Equal to the dealer, their score remains the same, the points they bid in the beginning of the round doubles. If they lose the points they bid.

Ex. Player 1 bids 3 points, Player 2 will also bid and so on....

Once all bids are entered to the GM for the round. the GM will use /dice. Say he gets a 4. Now one by one players are to use /dice. If say Player 1 rolls a 5, he earns 3 points to his original score ( 5 (start of the round) + 3 (won in the round)) so for the 2nd round he starts with 8 points. The game goes on until the GM stops or if all but one player still has points

More to come ...... if i think of any more! Very Happy

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