GM Team Recruiting!

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GM Team Recruiting!

Post by [Admin] Dare on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:41 pm

GM Team Recruiting!

Just like the title says, the DareRO GM Team is hiring! We are currently recruiting a Scripter and (one or two) Event + Support GM. These positions are only for those determined to see DareRO be successful and those that want are planning to stay for a while. You must be able to follow the expected guidelines stated below.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the GM Application provided. Applications should be either posted, PMed to me directly, or emailed to me at . All capable GM applications will go through an interview. Good luck!

- be able to show me a sample of your scripts!
- be able to script sql settings.
- script npcs, monsters, etc. (basic stuff)
- be efficient in their work.
- have constant communication with the Admin
- hand in scripts on time (flexible)
* gets level 50 GM
* updated frequently with whats happening
~ if you know how to mod src files, thats a plus+

Event & Support GM
- knows how to use their commands
- host atleast 3 events per week
- be online atleast around 30mins per day
- knows Ragnarok faqs + info
* gets level 50 GM

GM Application

*Required Fields

Full name:
*Position(s) desired:
*Email address: (must be valid so I can contact you)
*Time Zone-Area:
Hobbies and interests:
*Languages spoken (fluently):
*Brief personal profile:
*Why should I hire you?
Referrals: (not needed, but would help your app a lot)
*eAthena (not RO) experience: (only for Scripter positions)

~ DareRO GM Team

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