02/14/09 Maintenance

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02/14/09 Maintenance

Post by [Admin] Dare on Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:05 pm

Status: Finished

Mainly a bug fix maintenance. These updates does not require you to patch.

Anyways, here's the following changes:

[Fixed] Drop Rate
[Fixed] DareRO Assistant
[Fixed] Race System
[Fixed] Poring Ball - Minigame
[Fixed] Mining - Minigame
[Fixed] Lhz_dun03 MvP Spawn
[Added] Poring Race - Minigame
[Added] Clickage - Minigame
[Added] Blacksmith NPC: Contains Identifier, Repairer, Refiner
[Added] Top Emperium Breaker: Also contains Top Guild Breaking Ladder
[Added] Valkyrie Fragment Monster Spawn: For Quest

Soon To Come:
- Custom Hairstlyes (thanks to xSaturos) - Patch required
- Custom Monster(s) with Custom Drops - Patch required
- Donation Ready!
- Flee vs Hit Fix
- Custom Pets - Patch required
- Foreign Characters in Char Name

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