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Post by [Admin] Dare on Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:35 pm

I see that DareRO did grow a bit, but we still need more players!

More Players = More Fun = More Lively Chats = More PvP = More Guilds = Better WoE = more VOTES!

To promote this, I strongly encourage voting every 12 hours because every vote does count! Also, please write a review on RateMyServer. When the first person that wrote something on there, there was immediately several people that joined! So please, if you haven't already, write something on DareRO RMS Reviews.

Another way is advertising on forums or other ways. I've so far advertised on eAthena and RateMyServer boards. If you have any ideas on other places to advertise (legally), let me know asap!

There's also another way that a friend reminded me about. YouTube. If anyone has experience making a video, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could make one for DareRO. I don't know how well this form of advertisement will help, but its better than nothing!

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